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Bella Rose Passion

Sanitary Pads ( Better Premium )

Sanitary Pads ( Better Premium )

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Sanitary napkins are an essential part of your personal hygiene. Since we’re all looking for natural hair and beauty products, why not have a sanitary napkins that are absolutely organic and safe for you?
This pack of 20 disposable & winged eco-friendly sanitary napkins are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, providing ultra-absorbent, lightweight and breathable protection from leaks around the clock. They are naturally absorbent and biodegrade at the same rate as an orange peel.
These plastic-free and biodegradable menstrual pads have a plant based waterproof backing for leak protection and Ultra soft breathable organic cotton topcoat & core.
They also have edge to edge natural adhesive for security and to stay in place.
Rash free sanitary pads with wider backs and
disposable covers for a hassle-free and rash-free
period experience.
Better by Bella Rose Passion Pads aids in providing relief from cramps, and work’s exceptional with your body if you suffer from fibroids and heavy menstrual.. 
Effectively prevent allergies, do not stimulate delicate skin, speed up liquid absorption.


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