• FB Group Info

    FB Group Info
    Hey Beautiful,  I want to start by saying Congratulations, on taking the next step on growing your brand. In my exclusive FB group you will interact other entrepreneurs,  This was originally going to be a webinar but I know if your like me when I started you need daily motivation and weekly assistance on how to do it all..  I am here for you Queen we are going to learn about how to grow website sales in your sleep, How to make your brand grow while you become THE BOSS you are..  When I started in...
  • Closed FB Group

    Closed FB Group
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/958249467849232/?ref=share   I created a closed group that I will go LIVE weekly to assist you on how to become Retail Ready.. I will have closed discussions among all entrepreneurs, We will network and market our brands, and I will have my business management, and publicist also to assist those who are looking to grow their brand. If you are looking to take your brand from a few sales a week to 10k + sales weekly and get your brand into Retail locations.. If you are trying to start a business and need help on where...
  • Meet Bella Rose of Bella Rose Passion in Midtown

    Meet Bella Rose of Bella Rose Passion in Midtown
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