Meet Our CEO




Bella Rose is a self-made millionaire, as well as the CEO/Founder of Bella Rose Passion, an amazing cosmetics company in which she covers all things beauty. She has everything from skincare to candles. The collection has grown to house reliable products and body care essentials, such as her famous Unicorn body butter, lip butter, and body lotion. You may see her items used by celebrities and influencers such as Ari Fletcher, Cuban Link, and Alonzo Arnold!

Bella Rose is a thriving entrepreneur and in the short amount of time, she has accomplished so much. From getting her Minority-Owned Business Certifications to Women-Owned Business Certifications and now running her beauty brand. In the 11 years, she has spent building her company Bella Rose has been featured with Martha Stewart's Must-Haves, and right after that feature; her items were then placed in Macy’s, Walmart, and Now Target retail. She is a woman on the move. Although she comes from humble beginnings, she never let her circumstances stop her. That only motivated her and encouraged her to strive for more.

The Trenton, NJ native took life by the horns at the tender age of 16. Being an only child and now having a child of her own she knew she had to make life happen and working a regular 9 to 5 would not be the answer. As time progressed, she began to work as a New Jersey Mentor Counselor. While working there she realized this did not work for her and she was destined for something bigger. Just as time would continue to progress, Bella Rose and her husband took a trip to Atlanta, GA, and decided to pick up a month later and move, with just a few hundred dollars and what they had in savings. She began to hit the ground running on her dreams. That is where it all began to shift, and her hustle kicked into overdrive. She sought to make a permanent name for herself. Getting her brand off the ground took time and planning, but her hard work and diligence pushed her to become a mentor in the business sector as well. Shortly after she opened a small boutique.

A few months in, new business was slow, so she packed up the boutique and began to sell her clothing to local clubs, which gave her access to build a solid client base. In addition to loving Bella’s clothes, they began to ask for her services for makeup and at the time she could not fill that demand. Quickly, she invested 2K into makeup, connected with a few publicists and that was the start of her MUA Agency. — Not long after her investment, she made it to The Steve Harvey Show and began to do makeup for reality stars immediately after. In that short timeframe, Bella Rose made a versatile name for herself.

Bella Rose has been featured in several magazines from Sheen, Fashion Gxd, Medium Magazine, Billion Success, to We Empower, Hype Magazine, Swagher, K.I.S.H., Soultivity, OnMogul, and Voyage.

Bella Rose was Nominated by Boss Magazine as one of the Top Atlanta Women To Watch in the Beauty Industry,

Bella Rose then received The Business Excellence Award from 2016 - 2021 Breaking new grounds.

 Bella Rose has been Featured as FORBES Next 1000 Inspiring Entrepreneur of 2021.

 This mogul in the making has a great support system, including her children, her brother, and her husband, who is also her business partner and financial manager. With strong backing, she is sure to take Bella Rose Passion to the NEXT, next level. You can also visit her website to check out her items and keep an eye out for what new products may be added next. With her work ethic and continued support, Bella Rose Passion is a cosmetic brand that is sure to soon be a household name and growing everyday with her retail partners & 

 Bella Rose plans to build her Empire and become a Global Beauty Brand.